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70/30 Nurse High Income Plan
Want To Earn More?
You deserve to earn up to $55 per hour! We're going to show you how to become well compensated for your hardwork.

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80/20 PLAN

Need More Freedom?
Our 80/20 program is designed for the entrepreneurial minded nurse professional who aims to profit the most from a travel contract.



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80/20 Plan Benefits

Our travel nurses really are our heroes. They deserve only the best. That’s why we offer Fortune 500 quality benefits, and strong and secure backing from a financially secure organization.
As a member of the NursesPro team, you’ll find:

Fortune 500 quality Healthcare Benefits.
A United Healthcare PPO plan is available starting the first month of your assignment.

Retirement Savings Plan.
Professionally-administered 401K savings plan is available just __ days after you begin your assignment.


After learning more about your needs, the NursesPro staff will find you a comfortable house or apartment near your work assignment. Your family and pet can travel with you, too!

Pay Advances
Need some extra cash to ease the transition to your new work environment? Just let us know—pay advances are available.

Licensing doesn’t have to be difficult! We’ll help you obtaining the necessary licenses to work in your new locations.

Continuing Education
Assistance with continuing education.

Negotiations and Advocacy
You’re not alone. Should you have a problem at any time during your assignment, just call. We’ll deal with the hospital on salary, working conditions and other issues.

Weekly Direct Deposit Payment.
We deposit your paycheck every week directly into your checking or savings account. Or split your earnings into several accounts to help with your savings plan! And, since we’re financially secure and strong, there’s no need for you to wait until the hospital reimburses us for you to receive payment.

Worker's Compensation
Our nurses are covered in the event of any accident or injury on the job. 

Each month,our career managers share insights on healthcare trends and they how are likely to affect nurses. Our e-newsletter profiles a different destination and hospital every month, so you can decide where you want to go next!

Referral Bonuses
With all these benefits, friends will be asking for our number. When a friend begins an assignment with NursesPro, you receive a $500 Sign-A-Friend Bonus. What could be better?

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