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Tips for hiring and retaining Nurses


Yet another nursing specialty is traveling. No, not just on trips to see the world (though you do get to do that), but a traveling nursing career. Traveling nurses work in various cities of the world throughout their careers. Depending on the need, traveling nurses may at times stay in one place for a matter of weeks or months, but then they move on to the next assignment.

The arrangement is beneficial to both the nurses on assignment and the facilities which hire them. Here is a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks to hiring a nurse through a traveling nurse agency:

Traveling nurses bring a greater depth of experience to their position.

Because traveling nurses work in a number of different environments, they get some experience doing a little bit of everything, from trauma work to triage to floor assignments and more. Travel nurses are able to take this experience and bring something new to the table with each new facility with which they are assigned to work. They may be able to teach you and your staff a better, more efficient way to get things done; something you may not have thought of previously.

Traveling nurses dont require a benefits package.

This equals a huge savings for your company, despite the higher rate of pay most traveling nurses receive. Not having to worry about putting together a competitive benefits package directs more money to your bottom line. This is significant when economic conditions are not great as this can be helpful in keeping medical facilities afloat and avoiding budget cuts which could affect permanent staff.

Traveling nurses adapt to new environments and situations easily.

This has everything to do with the fact that traveling nurses are constantly moving to new places and working in completely different environments. Therefore, they can usually go with the flow if there are abrupt changes taking place within your facility.

If you are thinking of hiring a traveling nurse, there are a number of ways to recruit for this position. One way is to find an agency that possesses a database of traveling nurses. Word of mouth is yet another way as nurses often know others in the field. There are a number of Web sites and associations online that are devoted to traveling nurses and feature job boards in which potential employers can post assignments.

Contact our traveling nurse agency to find out how NursesPro can help you retain some of the best contract nursing talent in the industry !