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Tips for hiring and retaining Nurses


The nursing industry as a whole is feeling the effects of the shortage of professional nurses; however, these positions are more in demand than any other within the profession. They are all specialty-nursing positions with high earnings potential; however, they also require extensive educational credentials and a higher level of on-site training, licensing and certification.

Nurse practitioners:

A nurse practitioner is somewhere between a RN and a physician. They can essentially see patients and provide care, under the wing of a licensed doctor. They can conduct exams on patients, run tests and in some instances, do very, very minor in-office procedures. However, they are regulated very heavily under state law and in some regions, these nurses must always have the doctor they are working with to sign off on everything they do. Adversely, in other areas nurse practitioners are able to provide patient care without the guidance or supervision or a physician. This is a good option for those nurses looking to build a lasting relationship with their patients.

Clinical nurses:

This kind of nurse is usually involved in the management of departments or facilities as well as the education and research positions within the nursing profession. They are almost always registered nurses in their own right, with years of experience under their belt. They usually also boast a Masters Degree in nursing and have specialized certification for their particular area of expertise. They are experts in their field and for this reason, are able to educate others, advocate for the profession and conduct research to find new ways to address the needs of patients.

Certified registered nurse anesthetists:

Certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) command an annual salary of around $100,000, making this one of the highest paid nursing specialties in the industry. Registered nurses can make the transition into the CRNA field easily, many times through enrolling in a graduate education program. These nurses are similar to practitioners, except that they deal in anesthesia. They assist anesthesiologists and deliver anesthesia during operations. This field is a great one for those nurses that dont want a lot of patient interaction as most surgeries take place while the patient is unconscious. It is also optimal for those nurses interested in the surgical portion of medicine, but have no desire to be a surgeon or physician.

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