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Tips for Hiring and Retaining Professional Nurses


Nurses are the cornerstone of the healthcare industry. Present in just about every area of the medical profession, professional nurses represent the nuts and bolts of what is often considered a thankless career. They add the human element to medicine, going beyond the parameters of their job descriptions to serve their patients in the best way possible.

In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, registered nurses make up the largest healthcare profession in this country. So, how and more importantly, why is there a nursing shortage?

To start, it comes down to a matter of supply and demand. The Department of Health and Human Services reported that in 2000, there were 1.8 million registered nurses working full-time in the industry. Adversely, the demand for nurses sat at an estimated 2 million, meaning at that time, there was a shortage of 110,000 nurses. However, this same department estimates that at the current rate of growth, the shortage estimate will grow to 340,000 within the next 12 years.

This guide addresses the nursing shortage issue and assists in generating more effective recruiting methods to add skilled nurses to your hospital staff. From working with a professional staffing agency that specializes in placing qualified nurses in hospital facilities around the country to implementing some of these ideas on your own, this guide was written with the nursing manager/administrator in mind. It can be used in its entirety or one section at a time, depending on the specific need of your facility.

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