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Tips for Hiring and Retaining Professional Nurses


How can a nurse recruiting agency help my recruiting efforts?

The answer to this is quite simple: they have the recruiting expertise you might not have. This may be one of your better options as recruiting and staffing organizations usually have a large and talented pool of nurse applicants from which they can pull. Moreover, their recruitment tactics are highly specialized, meaning they get the best of the best within the nursing industry. Staffing organizations recruit year-round, regardless of whether or not hospitals are hiring. This means that they always have qualified nurses available for hire in your facility. The expense is well worth it as working with a nurse recruiting agency is simply an investment in the future of your facility.

Is it okay to require mandatory overtime to my nurses?

Not always and there are two big reasons why you don't want to implement mandatory overtime in your nursing department. The first reason is that is causes your nurses to burn out faster, increasing the chances of high turnover. The second reason is that at time and a half, this is an expensive way to address the fact that you don't have enough nurses on staff. Hiring new nurses will not only save you money in the long run, but increase the quality of patient care in your facility and help with staff retention.

Can I use contracts with perks to retain current nursing staff?

Have your nurses sign a contract spanning at least 36 months. This allows them time to get established in your facility and discourages them from leaving once their contract period is over. Also, offer incentives incrementally for staying employed by your facility.

Is there a benefit to maintaining a Rolodex of nurses and updating it regularly?

Keep a running Rolodex of various nurses you either know through association or know of within the industry. You may be able to reach out to these contacts for potential employment options should a position come available that suits their qualifications.

What is the benefit of attending a trade fair as a method of recruiting?

The best nurses attend trade fairs as a way to get even better at what they do. Not only should you attend, but you should also consider setting a vendor booth and again engaging in a soft-sell method, giving away positive marketing information about your hospital or office. Make a special file of the top nursing talent that you meet at the event and be sure to save their contact information. You could also hire a recruitment consulting specialist to work your booth as they have an eye for qualified nurses and know exactly how to direct the conversation in a manner that piques the candidates interest.

How do I solicit and/or contact former job references for a nursing position?

Many nurse staffing agencies actually have the best approach on this. There are nurse staffing agencies that actually have a policy of contacting job references that go back at least five years. This provides you with piece of mind in knowing that the references you are checking span a good chunk of the nurses' career and will include a variety of different opinions and evaluations.

Is it ever a good idea to reach out to nursing candidates who previously turned down a job offer with our organization?

This is a good idea, but proceed with caution. You don't want to appear desperate or irritating. Instead, try a different approach to selling them on the position. If the rejected you the first time, call and find out why. It may be something as simple as a clause in the contract that can be easily changed or a small salary difference that when addressed, can make all the difference. If they still don't want to work with you, ask if they would mind you trying them back in six months or a year to see if their circumstances have changed.

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