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Tips for hiring and retaining Nurses


The hiring practices for nurses vary greatly among different hospitals. However, the general consensus for hiring a nurse today is that they must have the proper educational background and certification. And while it is less important in most markets, some organizations still place an importance on hiring career registered nurses with a caring disposition.

Many hospitals have put creative hiring practices in place to assist them in attracting a new cache of nurses. From setting up departments that focus solely on recruiting to putting together competitive packages with higher starting salaries and generous benefit plans, recruiting qualified nursing staff members is a top priority for most facilities. Standard hiring practices at these various facilities ranges, depending on the size of the overall staff. However, most are looking for nurses with the proper educational credentials, some experience in the field, even if just on an internship level and the ambition and drive to succeed in the profession.

Some of the more common nursing hiring practices at hospitals around the country include:

Hospitals look for professional nurses with a BSN degree, at the very least, and trend towards those with an even more extended level of education.
Nursing managers also prefer to hire nurses that are emotionally stable and can handle the high levels of stress that come along with the job.
Employers will sometimes work with nurses that have no work experience, but prefer those that at least have some. Larger facilities, in fact, will often require it, while smaller hospitals in regions of the country that experience less in the way of patient volume have no problem serving as a training ground for new nurses.
Also important to many hospitals is hiring professional nurses with a strong, innate desire to help other people and assist their patients in any way possible.
In today's society, a commitment to diversity is important as the nursing staff of any facility must reflect the vast diversity of the population in which it serves. For nursing managers, this means hiring nurses that come from a variety of different backgrounds, social classes, races, economic status and more.

One of the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse of the nursing industry's hiring practices is to maintain contact with other nurse managers. They can give you tips on what is working for them and what is not and give you some sound ideas and advice on what you might decide to implement in your facility in terms of hiring new nursing staffers.

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