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"I enjoyed the personality of Nurses Pro recruiter and the fact that Nurses Pro offered job opportunities that paid better than other companies I interviewed. I haven't found another company that has come close to the pay rates."



"I chose Nurses Pro for this assignment because after researching and making inquiries with several different companies they offered the best monetary compensation with similar benefits of health/dental insurance, travel reimbursement, license reimbursement, and various locations to choose in my field. I have found the team to be caring and helpful. Every question I've had and every little issue raised has been handled quickly and professionally."

Patricia Carter


"My first travel nursing company was not the best fit for me. I felt that they were only interested in me as a commodity and they didn't really help me on my first assignment. I was looking for a company that not only was interested in my earning potential but also in me as a person. Nurses Pro was just that company. I have flirted with other companies, but I always seem to find the right job and fit with Nurses Pro."

Rachel Titsworth


"I have been working as a travel nurse, other companies have tried to recruit me as an employee. Their benefits and pay rates are not at all competitive with Nurses Pro. When I first made contact with Nurses Pro , I knew that I was in good hands, They listened to my requests and needs and tried their best to send me somewhere that I would be happy. Their staff was warm, friendly, professional, upfront with all benefits, qualifications, and let me know what to expect during my application process, & during my travel experience. I had everything I needed to get started and they have been very attentive to my needs. They have made me feel like I'm top priority! I really appreciate that."

Rema Perry


"I'm very pleased with my recruiter at Nurses Pro and this nursing assignment . It went beyond my expectations. So far I'm very pleased with Lori. She is very sweet and normally answers my e-mails very promptly (my biggest pet peeve is when my e-mails don't get answered. That's one of the reasons I left my last Agency.) I would and have referred nurses to NP. NP pays very well in comparison to the other Agencies I've worked for."

Rosa Leland


"Nurses Pro was one of the highest paying agencies. I researched five other companies that gave me ball park figures but when it came right down to it they didn't have the assignments that were available at the higher end of their scale. Nurses Pro gave me a quote and stood by it. There wasn't really one deciding factor to work with Nurses Pro. It was more like three. One factor was my awesome nurse recruiter. Another factor was the assignment she could get for me. And last but certainly not least was the pay. Nurses Pro’s staff is awesome. They are organized, helpful, quick to answer all questions and competent and never promised anything she couldn't give. They are very fast to respond and are on top of everything."

Sandy Smith


"The people I interact with in the company really make me feel that they are looking out for my best interest and they genuinely care. Nurses Pro ranks amongst the highest paying companies. I've been very happy with my pay rates thus far. Nurses Pro’s staff is extremely professional and warm. They are genuine and caring. I have been blessed to have such an outstanding people in my corner helping me facilitate the way I want my nursing career to flow."

Tenisha King


"This is my first travel assignment with Nurses Pro, and I have had a great experience. The main way to keep a nurse is to always treat the person with respect and friendliness. If a nurse has a concern about a situation, listen. The staff nurses are the ones who actually perform the task first hand, and the goal of the nurse is to give above adequate care to the patient. Nurses pro did all that very well."

Yvonne Capers